About Millennium Home Design

Millennium Home Design is ready to replace your existing windows. Request a free estimate to find out how we can save you money on your heating and cooling bills.Millennium Home Design’s corporate office is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Millennium Home Design specializes in providing quality metal roofing. Our service areas include Indiana, Northwest Ohio, Central and Southern Michigan, Louisiana, and the Carolinas. Our corporate office located in Fort Wayne Indiana, has been providing excellent service since 1997.

Millennium Home Design’s properly installed metal roofing has many benefits and should last a lifetime. Our galvanized metal roofs are excellent for sealing out water, protecting against high winds, and shedding snow. Along with that, Millennium Home Design metal roofing is resistant to mildew, fire, insects, rot and is also lightweight; most styles weighing less than one-third of asphalt/fiberglass shingles. Millennium Home Design backs their roofs with a non-prorated, transferable lifetime warranty.

Our reliable and knowledgeable service has earned us several local and national level awards by some of the largest home improvement and remodeling experts in the nation. 2014 was a big year for  Millennium Home Design, earning a coveted spot on the Qualified Remodelers’ Top 500 list at number 143, and number 73 on the 2014 Remodeling 550 list. Additionally, Millennium Home Design won the 2014 Fort Wayne Reader’s Choice  Award for “The Best Home Improvement – Roofing and Siding.”