Calculating Energy Savings From Replacement Windows

The Value In Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a necessity to your home, not a luxury. There are many great benefits of replacement windows which is why they are such a great investment in your most valuable asset, your home. In addition to energy savings in heating and cooling costs, new replacement windows will increase the value of your home, increase curb appeal and reduce noise levels.

Millennium Home Design offers energy efficient replacement windows that will pay back! There are very few purchases in a lifetime that actually put money back into your pocket. There are two major ways replacement windows can achieve this. The first is through energy savings. Millennium Thermaflect replacement windows are engineered for maximum energy efficiency. You will see a significant reduction of between 25-35% annually in your heating and cooling costs.

The second way that replacement windows can help pay for themselves is in the resale value of your home. New replacement windows will add curb appeal to the home which can increase the amount of money that you can ask for it at resale. The combination of curb appeal and energy efficiency will be a great selling point in a competitive market.

Average Energy Savings

This chart estimates how much you may spend over the next 10 years to heat and cool your home. It displays the savings you can expect by investing in Millennium Thermaflect Windows. This calculation is based upon a projected annual increase of 5% for heating and cooling cost.

Average Monthly Heating and Cooling Costs
Average monthly cost $150 $175 $200 $225 $250
Year 1 Cost $1,800 $2,100 $2,400 $2,700 $3,000
Year 2 Cost $1,890 $2,205 $2,520 $2,835 $3,150
Year 3 Cost $1,985 $2,315 $2,646 $2.977 $3,308
Year 4 Cost $2,084 $2,431 $2,778 $3,126 $3,473
Year 5 Cost $2,188 $2,552 $2,917 $3.282 $3,647
Year 6 Cost $2,297 $2,680 $3,063 $3,446 $3,829
Year 7 Cost $2,412 $2,814 $3,216 $3,618 $4,020
Year 8 Cost $2,532 $2,995 $3,377 $3,799 $4,221
Year 9 Cost $2,659 $3,103 $3,545 $3,989 $4,432
Year 10 Cost $2,792 $3,258 $3,723 $4,188 $4,654
Total 10 Year Cost $22,639 $26,413 $30,185 $33,960 $37,734
40% SAVINGS $9,055 $10,565 $12,074 $13,584 $15,094

Energy Savings Map

We sell Energy Star1 U.S. Department of Energy. Savings estimates based on a even mix of one and two story detached homes of 1700 or 2600 sq. ft. respectively, with 15% of their floor space in windows that are equally distributed across compass directions. Heating and cooling systems are modeled as either natural gas heat with electric air conditioning or electric heat pump, according to the regional breakdown reported in the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) 2005 Residential Energy Consumption Survey. Estimates use the EIA’s 2006 average natural gas prices and 2007 electricity prices. Actual savings will vary by local climatic conditions, utility rates, and individual heating and cooling costs for the residential sector diverge significantly from the norm in Hawaii.