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Green Shield Insulation

Green Shield is quickly becoming
the most recognized home improvement
project and the FASTEST
return on investment, the idea of
reflection 97% of the radiant heat
that can come into your home as
well as keeping the heat in that you
have already paid for . Simply
installing Green Shield can give
you up to 40% back on your
energy consumption!!!!!!

In the average home heating water can account for as much as 13% of the total energy bill. The department of energy states that water heaters should have a R-value of R-24 and if your water heater is more than 6 years old it likely doesn’t meet codes for insulation. Wrapping your water heater in Green Shield will hold the heat you have already paid for in the water tank, this will stop the rapid heat cycle that occurs.

Green Sheild reflects the
radation from the sun
away from your home.



Green Sheild reflects
your home heat back
into your home
saving you money
on your heating bills.
Click here to see a short movie how Green Shield works