Replacement Window Installation

Steps to installing your new window system

This is a description of a typical window installation. Some steps may vary depending on the job site.

Original Window Inspection
Original Window inspection: Prior to installation the current window opening is examined for decay. If decay is found the window installer will make note of this and talk with the home owner about replacing the decayed material.
Removal of Original Window
Removal of Original Window: The window installer will remove the original window leaving the jam intact. The jam is replaced only when decay is found during initial inspection.
Setting and Mounting of New Window System
Setting and Mounting of New Window System: The new window system is set into the opening and squared. Then mounting screws are installed to hold the window in place. The window installer will leave a gap around windows for expansion and contraction.
Insulating the New Window System
Insulating the New Window System: Fiberglass insulation is used in the gap around the window, to provide better insulating value. We never use foam insulation.
Capping: Measurements are taken on the outside of the window frame.  Once the measurements are taken they are then used to bend capping to cover the outside frame of the window.
Caulking:The window installer will then use a high quality silicon caulk; this insures there is no air or water leakage around the window.