No Hassle, Lifetime Warranty


We’ll cover the life of the original homeowner workmanship for the original purchaser/property owner and fifteen (15) years for the succeeding owner!

Millennium Home Design, makes available to the original purchaser or present property owner, the Lifetime Non-Prorated Transferable Limited Warranty, warranting against faulty workmanship and/or improper installation for as long as the property owners (single family owner-occupied) shall own or reside in the home in which the roofing products were installed from the date of roof installation.

Millennium Home Design agrees to repair or replace, FREE OF CHARGE, any metal, installed ridge vent, underlayment, roof accessories or chimney flashing that is found to be defective or that was improperly installed. The Millennium Permanent Roofing System is warranted to be free of manufacturing and installation defects that materially affect their performance on your roof or that cause leaks for the balance of the applicable warranty period. For these conditions, Millennium Home Design will assume 100% of the cost of materials, replacement products, and labor for a period of life of the home of the original homeowner and fifteen years to the succeeding homeowner from the date of installation.

This warranty is valid only so long as the roof is installed on the premises of the original installation. Removal of the roof system or any part of the roof system invalidates this warranty.

This warranty does not cover:

  1. Acts of God such as Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, etc.
  2. Damage caused by alterations made after completion of the application, including structural changes, equipment installation, painting or the application of cleaning solutions, coatings, or other modifications
  3. Damage caused by any object(s) (e.g., tree branches) falling on your roof.